Boyette, Billy

Food Services Director

310 East Logan St.
Telephone: 765-795-2900
Information: As food service director we follow USDA guidelines and incorporates this knowledge in the
planning, preparation and implementation of the food service program.

School meals and reimbursable school meals meet nutrition standards offering foods from five required food groups: meat/protein, grain, vegetable, fruit and dairy. Students are offered all five components of the meal encouraging a well balanced diet.

Student diversity (cultural, economic, religious and medical) is considered in meal planning to ensure student nutritional needs are met.

Nutrition choices are promoted to students, parents, school employees and the community
through a printed menu in the monthly issue of the Nutrition Nuggets as well as the
school’s website.

Students, parents, school employees and community members are aware of the school district’s efforts to provide positive, motivating messages promoting healthy food choices. Parents and guardians are provided the opportunity to join their student(s) in the school meal program.

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