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Dear Cloverdale Community Schools Families,

As many of you have already heard, Governor Holcomb has closed all public schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. This mandate creates several implications that will require school administration to work through as we come to the end of the 2019-20 school year.

The basic mandates from the Indiana Department of Education require all school corporations to be in session a minimum of 160 days this school year. These days will be a combination of school days already attended this year, eLearning days, and waiver days (20) granted by the Governor in March. All seniors who meet the course requirements for the specific diploma designation, based on a combination of high school credits earned prior to and the courses in which a student was enrolled as of March 19, 2020, when the Governor issued the statewide school closure order, and meets all other local graduation requirements will receive a diploma.

I am hopeful that at some point prior to the start of the next school year, CHS seniors will be able to participate in graduation, senior awards program, and the prom. Plans for each event are being discussed, however, state mandates will dictate the final outcome.

For the time that remains in the school year, plan to follow the eLearning schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday: eLearning / Tuesday, Thursday: waiver days.  We will also continue our Grab and Go lunch program, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The recent guidance from IDOE may change our last day of school, and any changes to the corporation calendar will be released to families soon.

Part of the end-of-year plan will include instructions for students to return to school to pick up their personal belongings. Social distancing requirements will play a significant role in the final plans that are made.

I will be working with school administrators and school board members to determine the appropriate exit strategies for each topic discussed in this letter, plus many more. Decisions will be shared with staff, students, and parents as soon as final determinations are made. I appreciate everyone’s efforts in keeping students engaged in learning during these unusual times, and for your patience and support of our schools.


Greg Linton, Superintendent

Cloverdale Community Schools


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