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As valued members of our school community, CCSC wanted to inform you about an upcoming development that will impact our campus – the construction and modification of main entrances.

In our ongoing efforts to enhance the safety and functionality of our school environment, we have embarked on a construction project aimed at improving the design and security features of our main entrances. The decision to undergo these changes was made with careful consideration for the well-being of our students, staff, and visitors.

Key changes to expect include the installation of advanced security systems, improved accessibility features, and aesthetic enhancements to create a welcoming and modern atmosphere. We understand that construction projects can be inconvenient, but we are committed to minimizing disruptions as much as possible.

To ensure a smooth transition, we have collaborated with experienced contractors who will adhere to a carefully planned schedule. The construction is expected to begin the week of March 11th and is anticipated to be complete by the start of our 2024-25 school year. During this period, there may be temporary changes to pedestrian and vehicle access points. Signage and personnel will be strategically placed to guide everyone through the modified routes.

Beginning the week of March 11th, the following main entrance changes will be made: 

Cloverdale Middle School:  Door #19 located at the northwest corner on the front of the building will be utilized as the main entrance until further notice.

Cloverdale High School:  Door #2 located on the northwest corner on the front of the building will be utilized as the main entrance until further notice.

Cloverdale Elementary School’s front entrance will remain the same during this time

Additionally, we will regularly communicate updates through our official channels, including emails, social media, and the school website. Your understanding, cooperation, and patience during this period of time are greatly appreciated as we work together to create a safer and more inviting environment for our school community.  For additional information on building specific details, please refer to that school’s webpage.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to the positive impact these improvements will have on the safety and security of our schools.


Greg Linton, Superintendent

Cloverdale Community School Corporation 

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